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Texas Bible College Information

MK Scholarship
Texas Bible College offers a scholarship for the children of active UPCI career and intermediate missionaries. This scholarship pays for the cost of tuition, and will take effect at the time of registration. (This scholarship is for attendance at the Lufkin, Texas campus, and does not include tuition for online classes.) Contact the college at 936-633-7799 or at for more information.

Online Classes
Texas Bible College is now online, and offers the following two opportunities for online education:
Leadership Certificate Program
This program is for leaders and those who desire a systematic approach to personal development. It is available not only for missionaries, but also for those in the national church who want to further develop their leadership.

Diploma to Degree Program
This program is for those who have earned a three-year diploma from any apostolic college. Those successfully completing the program will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry with an emphasis in either theology, missions, or Christian education.

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