This is Kaylin Shirley, Haley Hemus, Amanda Guidry, Candra Poitras, Melinda Poitras, Carla Burton at IBC while filiming for the new MKM Video (not pictured is Mark Hattabaugh taking the picture)

Because of the Times- 2010
Carla Burton, Sherry White Davenport, Cylinda Nickel

BOTT: Cylinda Nickel, Nathaniel Gration, Carla Burton

Amanda Guidry- Spain with Cylinda Nickel and Emma Nickel in AR

Megan Shirley, Lexi Marquez, Kristen Shirley, Antonio Marquez in the Dominican Republic

Meghan Willoughby and Amy Howell at BOTT 10

Meghan Willoughby and Carla Burton

Christopher, Morgan, and Philippe Brainos with the teens in Paris

Victoria Sumners

Tessa Robertson, Kandra Robertson, Nathan Guinn

Live Recording at IBC Melinda and Candra Poitras, Cylinda Nickel, Kaylin Shirley

Anthony Bir

Ordination of Jonathan & Darla Sherry

IBC MK video - Carla Burton, Kaylin Shirley, Haley Hemus, Candra Poitras