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Archived Devotionals
Don't Go To The Doctor with the Dead Plants Give and It Shall Be Given You Can Run But You Can't Hide Wisdom
Don't Lose the Wonder of Christmas What are you Holding In Your Hand? Keep But Don't Take Don't Be a Baby
All He Wants For Christmas Is You Faith as a bag of Fritos Donkey Chase When No God Becomes No God
Breaking Free Christmas Joy Stop The Insanity The Preaching of Foolishness
It's The Little Things Reinhold Niebuhr Got It Right Quit Stating the Obvious and Step Out in Faith Direction Determines Destiny
Solace In The Sun The Corner Are You a Couch Potato or a Nehemiah? We Are the Church
What Is on Your Thanksgiving List This Year? Fading Scars   We are Present With Him
Every Moment a Precious Blessing Joy In The Morning How Do You Hear From God? The Broken Pieces of a Stained Glass Window
An Ear to Hear Noises Can't Hurt The Baptism The Next Right Step
Thanksgiving Five Little Commands That Can Change Your Day Risk It All Did Zaccheus know his name?
Recognizing The Value You Just THOUGHT You Knew The Answers Going Back to the Basics of Christianity Extraordinary
The Power of Unity Daisy Do Something About It A Good Confession
Help, I'm Stressed Out The Body of Christ Nerd Alert Thoughts on Hamlet's Blackberry
Lord, I Thank You Chubby Jack Cheese and Listening Attitude Trumps Authority Following
Thorns and Mercy May We All Be Coffee Is His Blood on You Love & Holiness
1 Corinthians 15:22 Transparency Selective Obedience Four Vessels for Revival
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star They That Wait Upon The Lord Some Prayers to stop Praying Outlast the Stars
Sharpies and Goat Skin How Do You Measure? The Truth According to Wikipedia A Source Issue
Are You Connected? To Trust Is To Be Blind What Goes Down Must Come Up Repentance for America
Transition and Destination The Weight of a Mantle The Prodigals are Coming Home Body of Christ
The Disobedience, The Rock and The Note I Have HOPE This Spot is Taken (I Don't Want no Trouble) The Key to Understanding God's Word
The Shepherd's House Really, Is That You? Led To The Land of Trouble Isn't Grace Amazing
I Want More The Spider and the Fly The Changing Question of Obedience Bank on It
Things Are Not Always as They Appear No regrets He Makes Up The Difference End Offense, Choose Love
What's in the tiny box God? A-Sparrow? Are you using excuses? Going Back to the Basics of Christianity He Sees
The Kiss That Caused Lizard Breath Have you ever missed an opportunity? Please Watch Your Step Isn't Grace Amazing
Island Girl Stories A Carjacking Foiled The God That Prepares a Banquet in the Desert Get Back to Your Burdens
Break Free Wasted Away The Encourager Decisions
The Fall of Death that Brought Life Twenty Six Guards The Prodigals are Coming Home Beyond
Hide and Seek The Miser God of This City, Lord of This Nation Two Thoughts
  The Bricklayer Faith Bring Its Own Umbrella Make Big Plans
  The Body Mother's Day Excuse Me While I Bite Your Ear
  Staying Connected Is HE Worth The Risk? Do Something About It
  Making The Church Together Just Because I Love You Risk it All
  Influence The Feathers are Falling Jesus On a Job Interview
  Rocks For a Ticket Driving to Intimidate The Baptism
  Get Up Be an Encourager Disappointment
  Postcards I Want More Gobs
  Dare to Believe in God Things are not Always as They Appear How Do You Hear from God
  What's In Your Hand? What's In The Box, God? A Sparrow? Good Words
  Brown Beauty Break Free Are You a Couch Potato or a Nehemiah
  A Vacation From a Vacation The Fall of Death Stop Stating the Obvious and Speak Out In Faith
  What Is Your Identity? Hide and Seek How Did I Get Here
  I Have Been Broken It's Time Stop the Insanity - You are Not in Control
  Putting God In His Place Do it Afraid He Leadeth Me
  Inner Peace The Power of Unity Mom, I don't feel so good
  Why Am I Doing This? Chaos Mist on the window
  You First Mom, I Missed The Bus Disturb Us Lord
  Embrace the Ordinary Flood of Faces Prison Break - I Am Free
  Enjoy YOUR Life Joy in the Morning No, Don't Pray It
  Please, God, Don't Make Me Pray For Them   Some days
  How Is Your Rubber Band Doing?   The Brown Paper Sack


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