How To Live Like a King's Kid
Part One  
Part Two  
Part Three  
Part Four  
Part Five  
Part Six  
Part Seven  
Part Eight  
Part Nine  
Part Ten  
Ten Habits of Highly Healthy Homes
Examine Your Priorities    
Avoid The Counterfeits  
Take God Seriously  
Renew Your Relationships  
Respect Your Heritage  
Value The Individual  
Protect Your Marriage  
Maintain Your Integrity  
Speak The Truth    
Discover Real Contentment    
Disciples With Distinction
Holiness for Today    
Holiness for Women  
Holiness for Men  
Faith Under Fire - The Life of Joseph
You Meant It For Evil    
Leave Your Coat  
Administrate The Dream  
Joseph Is Still Alive    
The Power of Forgiveness
Why I Can't Forgive    
Why I Shouldn't Forgive  
Why I Won't Forgive  
My Choice For Forgive    


MK Reach (ages 12-18)
MK Reach Part 1: The Power of One

MK Reach Part 2: One Testimony
MK Reach Part 3: Change Your Name
MK Reach Part 4: How's Your Profile
MK Reach Part 5: The High Dive
MK Reach Part 6: Wouldn't He Stick Out
MK Reach Part 7: The Blind Leading The Blind
MK Reach Part 8: Be Thankful For The Gospel
MK Reach Part 9: What Is Your Face Saying
MK Reach Part 10: Changing the Course of the River
MK Reach Part 11: Leaving a Legacy
MK Reach Part 12: Telemachus

Character Quest (ages 6-11)
Character Quest: Courage

Character Quest: Compassion
Character Quest: Citizenship
Character Quest: Diligence
Character Quest: Excellence
Character Quest: Friendship
Character Quest: Honesty
Character Quest: Humility
Character Quest: Peer Pressure
Character Quest: Perseverance

Life Points (ages 2-5)
Life Point 1: Courage

Life Point 2: Compassion
Life Point 3: Citizenship
Life Point 4: Diligence
Life Point 5: Excellence
Life Point 6: Friendship
Life Point 7: Honesty
Life Point 8: Humility
Life Point 9: Peer Pressure
Life Point 10: Perseverance

Check Your Fruit (ages 2-5)
Check Your Fruit - Part Two - Joy

Check Your Fruit - Part Three - Peace
Check Your Fruit - Part Four - Patience
Check Your Fruit - Part Five - Gentleness
Check Your Fruit - Part Six - Goodness
Check Your Fruit - Part Seven - Faith

How's Your Fruit (ages 6-11)
How's Your Fruit Part 1: The Prairie Dog - Loving Others

How's Your Fruit Part 2: The Ferret - Joy
How's Your Fruit Part 3: The Black Bear
Hows Your Fruit Part 4: The Lion
Hows Your Fruit Part 5: The Leopard
Hows Your Fruit Part 6: The Parrot
Hows Your Fruit Part 7: The Squirrel

Rev. Raymond Woodward returned to his hometown of Fredericton to become the Lead Pastor of Capital Community Church on Pentecost Sunday in June 2001. He did his theological training at Northeast Christian College, where he also met his wife Beverley. They married in 1983 and now have two teenage children, Emily & Matthew. Raymond has served as an instructor for theology, music, computer and business subjects at United Pentecostal Bible Institute, CompuCollege School of Business and the New Brunswick Community College, and has also completed a degree in Adult Education at the University of New Brunswick. He also did a ten-year stint as the producer and host of a gospel radio show.

Nearly 25 years of pastoral ministry have seen Raymond travel extensively in the United States, Canada and abroad, sharing the Word of God in numerous meetings and conferences. He is an ordained minister of the United Pentecostal Church International and a sought-after Bible teacher.

The Woodwards live on the banks of the beautiful Nashwaak River in Marysville, an historic 19th century mill town adjacent to Fredericton where Raymond enjoys reading, biking and kayaking in his spare time.

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